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More bizarre behavior (Read 1749 times)

By Shadow and by Moonlight!

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More bizarre behavior
Feb 19th, 2010 at 10:51pm
Moonlight has begun "burying" her treats instead of eating them.  Now, you have to understand, she doesn't exactly bury them UNDER anything, she just takes a biscuit to a spot in the room and drops it, then pushes the floor around it, just as she did to the dinner bowl in that video! Then she'll pick it up and move it to another spot and bury it there.  She's been doing this now for the past two weeks, so there are about a dozen biscuits scattered around the house--under desks and tables, in corners, behind standing items, or even out in the middle of the floor.

Time was, she tossed her treats up in the air and bat them around on the floor to play.  Now she hides them!  I really hope she gets back to eating them!
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By Shadow and by Moonlight
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