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Message started by chinarose on Dec 18th, 2008 at 8:50pm

Title: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by chinarose on Dec 18th, 2008 at 8:50pm
Hello Chow friends.  I am the admin of World Chow forums and wanted to make an appeal to you all to take a look at a petition my international committee authored regarding the UK Chow Standard proposed changes.  We need your  help getting as many signatures and constructive comments as possible on this petition .  

This link will bring you to the letter I sent out to thousands of Chowists around the world today which explains my request better.

You may have signed the petition already and I thank you from the bottom of my paws for doing so.

The deadline is December 24, 2008 to sign so time is of the essence.  For the sake of our breed , please take a moment to read what is at the link and sign if you agree.

Here is the direct link to the petition as well

This is the only list I belong to so please if you agree to what the petition is requesting....forward this info and the petition link to as many dog fanciers in all breeds as you can before 12/24/08

I thank you so very much
Sandra Miller
World Chow founder and Admin

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by Ef_Deal on Dec 19th, 2008 at 12:32am
I'm not a breeder, nor British.  I am curious about the proposed changes.  It would appear they are looking to change the nature of the hindquarters and the stilted gait.  Why would they do that?  Or why would they WANT to do that?

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by Lynne on Dec 19th, 2008 at 12:06pm
Please Chowlovers sign the petition, if those rules will
come, the affect will be wordwide.
What is a Chow without the stiltgate, no Chow anymore.
The breed with this characteristic appearance will be no
more :( :'( :'(
We need the support from all of you, no matter where
you live, Ef you too !! This petition is for all Chowlovers
in the world, not only breeders.

Greetings from Ted and Lynne, with the marvelos stilted gait ;D

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by DutchChow on Dec 19th, 2008 at 3:01pm

Thank you for bringing up this important message about the "The Kennel Club (UK)" proposals to have (some) breed standards changed and of course, what is of our main interest, that the Chow standard might become affected.

Most important is that Clubs, Groups, etc. being active with the Chow breed make up there mind and next to making a protest also come with logic, constructive proposals (comments) in order to have a good dialogue with the intention to secure the 'characteristics' of the breed.
To my opinion an 'organized' approach is the best and next to that the support from individual Chow lovers!!!

Yes, health is the major issue here. But 'characterisics' and 'health' can go along very well.

For the record:

Home ::: The Kennel Club (UK)

The Kennel Club ::: Breed health plans issued

For the petition:
Petition - On -Line


Title: Vast changes are coming, and not just Crufts.
Post by Lene on Dec 19th, 2008 at 2:48pm
Now there is a petition against the proposals from the British Kennel Club.


Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by DutchChow on Dec 19th, 2008 at 3:13pm

Thank you!
I hope you don't mind I spliced your message with the Topic "Urgent Memo".

Yes, needing the 'digital' signature from all Chow Lovers on the petition!!!!!
No matter breeder, judge, fancier, lover.... It is all about Chow Chows!!

However it is even more important that those having an authority in the Chow World and all the Clubs and Groups being active with the Chow breed come up with a protest and constructive proposals.
The goal is: Health and Standard!! That has to go along....
The more 'grouped' voices from respected clubs, associations, the better....

Petition On-Line


Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by Lene on Dec 19th, 2008 at 3:29pm
It's important to sign if you want the Chow breed to look like a Chow still in the future.
If this happens/goes through only US and CA will go free.
Don't let them take away our wonderful breed.

With CHOWlove

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by Lene on Dec 19th, 2008 at 3:32pm
It would be wonderful if the clubs could do something PROBLEM is we only have till 24/12.
On the 1/1-09 it will go through I have official papers on that.
We don't have time - we all gotta act quickly......

sorry my page had not updated, Peter ;-)
The reason for putting it there was that I think it's health related too and maybe not everybody is looking under announcements and I wanted as many as possible to see ...  :-/

With CHOWlove

PS: I don't think that the British Kennel Club listens to anybody but BBC and those "animals-rights" people - they don't have the "guts".
But if WE all are like those people we might get through.

Asking me:
I think we should find a good american lawyer and sue them out of their socks  ::)

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by DutchChow on Dec 19th, 2008 at 3:45pm
Hi Lene--,

Yes, it is important to act now and not wait.
On the other hand "The Kennel Club" allows an additional 6 months.
See here:
The Kennel Club ::: Breed Health Plans Issued

Individual actions are okay, but above all it is essential that Clubs act too and contact The Kennel Club directly!!!



Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by chinarose on Dec 20th, 2008 at 3:41am
Hello my wonderful Chow friends!!! My sincere apologies for the "post and run" the other day but  I have been inundated with emails and phone calls regarding my petition and just now got a chance to come back and answer any questions here.  Peter  you have pretty much summed it up.  We need to act now.  That 6 month grace period is kind of scary to me.  I am not counting on that  as being a real window to initiate any further dialogue or commentary with the UK KC.  They made it pretty clear that our window is from now until the 30th of December to consider any revisions to the proposed changes.

I cannot thank you all enough everywhere around this big beautiful world for your incredible support for our breed and the integrity of the Chow's ancient traits.  The well thought out comments are the icing on the cake on the petition.  These will bear a lot of weight.

I have heard from a few critics  claiming that petitions in general  are worthless and a waste of time.  Well I can assure  you all 100%, that if nothing else.....this petition has opened up many a chowists eyes.  I have a backlog of emails from breeders who were not aware of the proposed changes.  This in itself I consider a victory...even before the petition hits the mailbox of the UK KC committee on the 25th of December.

I will be emailling the final petition files on December 24th, along with links to many articles and studies to help prove our case...especially where the stilted rear and rear health issues are concerned

I will also be overnight Fed Ex'ing a hard copy to  the office with a signature confirmation to assure they receive the copy.

This will all be  backed up with a phone call before December 30th to see if we  can assist in any other way in helping the committee make their decision.

I am hopeful our petition has some kind of positive impact.  As my husband can't hurt.  If we dont' achieve the results we are looking for ..........well they haven't seen the last of!  I may not be actively breeding any more but my passion for this breed is stonger than every before .

These dogs we call "Chow Chows" are  in my mind a priceless, one of a kind  Chinese antique.... and we as the breeders, caretakers and fanciers are considered the "guardians"....... responsible for keeping this rare porcelain vase we call our "breed standard" safe and unshattered.  Once the original vase is defaced or cracked it will never be the same and is irreplaceble. The thought of losing one of this breed's most distinguishing features at the push of a pen makes my heart absolutely weep.

Please, my friends, if you have not already signed the petition, take a look again and consider adding your signature alongside the rest of the chow community wishing to halt these radical standard changes.  Respectful comments are very much appreciated and kennel names we love to see as well (but optional)


Big hugs and Happy Holidays!!!
Sandra Miller

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by DutchChow on Dec 20th, 2008 at 9:26am
Hi Sandra--, and all others--,

Thank you again for coming back on this very serious and threatening issue which is appearing as a 'sudden' dark cloud above the heads of all the Chow lovers.
Those people have chosen for a Chow with reasons. The typical characteristics: be it mentally or fysically...or it on the way 'he walks'...
Your words about the 'antiques' or 'porcelain' (Chinaware) are well reflecting about what we are talking.
The typical 'stilt' part of that...

On the other hand, during the years, we all became aware of health problems and questions came on responsible breeding. The broadcast of the BBC (UK) television on 'what is going on with the breeds?' started the whole thing.

Issues on patella/knee, entropion and more are known in our Chows
So we are also talking about health and inherited disorders needing to become banned based on good breeding programmes!

But now the priority is to stay alert and do our utmost to keep the current standard -in particular on the "stilt" - in tact.
Sandra, your initiative on mobilizing the Chow world is great and needs support.
Digital signing the petition by those who are concerned and know what we are talking about is needed.
That is one.
Next, I strongly believe in protests and recommendations for another 'effective' approach, through (official) Clubs and Organizations seperately.
The 'attack' (you can also say the 'defense') should come from different sources and directions.....
Even from people being in science (e.g. biology, veterinarian), judges, and so on....
Knowing it is late, but still there are options!

For the petition:


Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by chinarose on Dec 20th, 2008 at 8:27pm
Hello Peter and chow friends!!

I wholeheartedly agree when you say we need to attack this issue from all angles and all perspectives.  To demonstrate just one thing that can be done to enlighten not only Chow enthusiasts but other animal AND history lovers around the world.

I have a blog that is mostly centered around my travels and my endangered species fundraising called GRAFFITI GOSSIP.  I have an email list over 3000 strong who recieve those updates each time I post to the blog.

To make the blog entry interesting and not completely chow related (to hold my diverse readers interest) I posted an entry today with another more personally emotional angle to the topic.

If any of  you have a blog, an online journal, are a member of social networks such as Twitter, My Space, Facebook, Plaxo...etc etc......this is a golden opportunity to help at the very least raise awareness to the underlying issues which have fueled the call for all these needless changes to our breed standards.

I want to add a couple of links recently forwarded to me regarding the recent standard "revisions" of the Pekingnese.  Those folks were completely blind sided (the breeders) with no chance for defending their stance. This is precisely why we can't depend on the 6 month grace period the UK KC mentions that we would love to have...but I"m afraid we can't count on it.

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by Lovechows on Dec 21st, 2008 at 12:52am
I am getting all my friends who have known all my chows from puppies to sign .
We have made a lot of friends whilst we have owned Chows.
I could never imagine ever owning any other breed.
Please everyone sign the petition.
Every chow owner needs to stick together on this or our beutiful chows that we love will be gone forever.
The are unique.
Thats why we love them.

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by chinarose on Dec 21st, 2008 at 3:18am
Thank you VERY much Shirley!!! Every signature represents a "voice".  By making ourselves heard as breeders and fanciers we will make a difference!!!!

As of this writing we are 962 signatures strong and 20 pages on the petition!! What a sight to see.  All in 2 days time!!!  We have until the 24th so keep passing the word my friends!!!

Big purple chow kisses!!!

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by Lynne on Dec 21st, 2008 at 10:59am
Dear Sandra,

Almost 1000 signed the petition, but please Chowlovers,
up to 2000 and many more ::) ::) ::)

Greetings from Holland, Ted and Lynnechow

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by DutchChow on Dec 21st, 2008 at 12:16pm
And once again the petition link!
Petition On Line//Thread on Breed Health Plans

Please read carefully what it is all about before you (digitally) sign and it is preferred to give suitable constructive comments too!!

In the meantime I hope that Clubs and other (Chow) authorities (judges, etc) are acting too!
They could write directly to The Kennel Club and show concern.


Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by teddy97 on Dec 21st, 2008 at 9:24pm
As someone who has been owned by chows for almost twenty years. I think the proposed changes will destroy our breed. Our club constitution says we shall protect and promote the chow. Now is the time to protect. But from a Kennel Club that is jumping throught hoops for the media, just to say we are actively doing something before Crufts.
I believe this change was deliberitly timed for the christmas period, so chowist would be doing other things rather than worrying about the chow breed standard.
Earlier this year the K C published a new code of ethics, this in its self sent a stark message to breed clubs. As a member felt it was sign or else we would not have a club to worry about. Will it be the same if we don't accept the new standard?
For a number of years now, I have attended seminars, taken exams & assessed regarding my  judging ability. Sadly I  must ask, have I wasted my time, should I have went to vet school.
One thing I do agree with the K C on, we all want healthy chows wither in the ring or not. But may be someone out there can explain to me. If the K C proposal go through, what will happen to the front movement?
I believe there has been a study on the stilted movement. Was this published any where or can it be obtained on the net?

teddy97's other half. chow for now.

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by Lynne on Dec 21st, 2008 at 11:03pm
Hello Teddy97's other half ;D,

I quess you mean a study done in Denmark , a couple of years ago.
The title is, The Ligament Problem in Chow Chow,
                One Step forward, one back.
By Mai Brit Torngren,DVM and Jens Arnberg,DVN in Denmark.

Greetings from Holland, Ted and Lynne

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by teddy97 on Dec 21st, 2008 at 11:19pm
thanks for that can it be obtained anywhere maybe on the enternet ? i would like to read it  if anyone knows could you let me know please  .  teddy97 (other half} ;) ;)

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by chinarose on Dec 22nd, 2008 at 1:56am
Hi Teddy...if you PM me I can send you the report on the Danish study.

Here is a letter I just sent to my Worldchow members and want to direct my comments to Blue Tongue Talk members as well.  Because of your involvement and genuine concern regarding this breed standard proposed change, our petition is now over 1000 signatures strong!!! Thank you Peter  and BTT members for working hand and hand with me on this.  I am here for you all when you need my help as well!!


Hello my World Chow  and (Blue Tongue Talk) friends!!!!

I have to say, I have never really truly known the meaning of the word
"community" until  the recent days following my request for help
distributing and signing our Worldchow petition!!  The surprising element
to this whole scenario is that my experience with a REAL community did not
happen in my home happened ONLINE!!

There are no words to describe how proud I am of our World Chow members  as
well as an overwhelming majority of Chow breeders , fanciers and
enthusiasts worldwide,  in response to this call for action regarding the
proposed UK KC standard changes.

When I said the petition "needs to be viral to be effective" , boy you all
are taking me seriously!!!!  Watching the signatures being added onto the
petition and coming literally in WAVES the word spreads from one
country to another, chow club to another.  It's quite the phenomenon
I must say and I have you all to thank for helping the World Chow petition
take on a life of it's own!!!  

In case you didn't find the link to the signatures and comments, please
click this link below which can also be found at the top of the petition
you signed

Take a peek at the well thought out and intelligent comments our fellow
chowists have been leaving.  I actually  hesitated at first to put in a
comments field on the petition but in retrospect.........the comments are
the icing on the cake!!!!  

Your heartfelt words and logical conclusions in your commentary will only
help demonstrate how incredibly necessary our historical traits are to our
Chow Chow as well as to the caretakers of the breed.  We all need to
continue to strive for solid health and soundness in our breeding programs
but the proposed  changes by the UK KC are most certainly not the way to
accomplish these goals.

Please feel free to cross post this email to anyone you wish.  We are at
the time of this writing.....1,171 signatures strong!!!!  A heartfelt thank
you to each and every one of you.

Please  continue to spread the word and this link on World Chow which
describes our goals with a link to our petition.  We have through
DECEMBER 23, 2008 to acquire as many signatures as possible.

We have had some wonderful comments on World Chow and I invite anyone to
participate in this Standard proposal discussion

Happy Holidays and a big group hug and purple chow kisses are coming your
way!!!! I will be updating the status of any communication with UK KC and
the Standard at the World Chow topic link above as they happen.

Thank you again!!!!
Sandra Miller
World Chow founder

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by DutchChow on Dec 22nd, 2008 at 8:45am
In this thread we are discussing about the intention of The Kennel Club (UK) to change some breed standards, including the one for the Chow Chow.
The validation (which is an interim considered standard) is as per January 1st. , 2009.
Then follows a 6 months period of where a feedback is possible.
The Kennel Club ::: Breed Health Plans

Our concern is that with this new (proposed) standard for the Chow the typical characteristics (like the 'stilt') are killed.

But why The Kennel Club (UK)?
The reason:
The Chow breed standard is known in the FCI under code: FCI number 205
Country of origin for the breed: China
Country of patronage: United Kingdom
So The Kennel Club (UK) is here in the lead!!

Sandra Miller (World Chow forum) has taken an initiative for a petition, on which you are requested to sign. Please ensure yourself about the content before signing and any constructive argument/comment is welcome!! That should be the added value.

Some of our BTT friends came up with questions and background about the Patella and the Danish report.
Vanessa Nicolau (Kimekai Chow Chows, South Africa) contacted me and provided me the link to be published on BTT.
The PDF document is on Lene's Homepage (Lene & Urban - Kennel Long Feng).

The Ligament Problem In Chow Chow - One Step Forward, One Back. By Mai Brit Torngren, DVM and Jens Arnbjerg, DVN in Denmark.

Thank you Vanessa and Lene for providing this important link/info.

As I said in previous responses: Signing the petition is one thing, but more organized through Clubs, etc., by responding directly to The Kennel Club (UK) is the other way.

All your input on and through our BTT forum is welcomed too, as usual!


Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by teddy97 on Dec 22nd, 2008 at 10:36pm
thank you ted and lynne recived your e-mail it does make very interesting  reading maybe the kennel club needs a copy  ;) ;) big kisses from teddy97 :-* :-*
   we wish you all a happy christmas  

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by teddy97 on Dec 22nd, 2008 at 11:05pm
abig thank you [sandra] chinarose. ted and lynne e-mailed me the info also we would like to say a big thank you  to you for all your help and hard work in trying to preserve this wonderful breed .it makes me feel ashamed sometimes to be conected to the english kc .my husband has just asked a ques; would the english kc smash a ming vase just because someone said they did'nt like the shape of it .that is what they are trying to do with our chows  >:( >:(
so thank you again and big kisses from teddy97 and my other half  :-* :-*

Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by chinarose on Dec 22nd, 2008 at 11:32pm
Teddy96 you are most welcome.  I just read your point about front movement possibly being affected by changing the rear.  This most certainly will be the result as well as possibly affecting elbows and spines.  The UK KC has no idea the  tsunami of negative effects these proposed changes will release on our breed!

The Study is sitting right in front of me printed out to go into the packet Teddy96, with a number of other good links to websites , utube documentaries on ACL's etc.

Also I hope you don't mind Peter but I thought this was important...I don't know how many of your members are CCCI members too, but I really need to relay this message to CCCI members via as many outlets as I can.  

AN IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CCCI MEMBERS: (Chow Chow Club Inc....the U.S. parent club)

This petition unfortunately did not get emailed out to the CCCI MEMBERSHIP directly because we cannot legally use  the membership mailing list for non CCCI approved mailings.

If you have friends who are CCCI members and you feel they may not know about the petition, there is still time to drop them a quick email and ask members to spread the word as well.  Not all CCCI members belong to online groups  and forums,where most of the petition information has been circulating.

Thank you so very  much. We still have time to reach as many CCCI members as possible. Can you believe it...1400 signatures so far as of 2:30 PST  !!!  Thank you all!!



Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by ursel on Dec 24th, 2008 at 7:48pm
I signed the petition, of course I did... and informed a few members of the two German clubs: ACC (Allgemeiner Chow-Chow-Club e.V.) and CCiD (Chow-Chow-Club in Deutschland e.V.).


Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by chinarose on Dec 24th, 2008 at 9:17pm
Ursel, thank you SO very very much!!!! I am leaving the petition open until 12/30/08 for signatures. I just send what we had so far as a hard copy to the UK KC via Fed Ex but will update with an email follow up just before the 30th deadline.  Keep spreading the word.

Things have been so tense this last week and I just needed to lighten up a bit. I think you all will get a good chuckle out of my blog post announcing the FED EX petition shipment going out today.  Please come by and take a peek...we all could use a lighter heart for the Holidays.



Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by DutchChow on Jan 24th, 2009 at 11:20am
In December 2008 Sandra Miller started an action in order to oppose against the intended change on the breed standard of the Chow Chow.
The country of patronage (of the Chow Chow standard) is the UK and kept by The Kennel Club UK.

Main concern is that the characteristic - on which the Chow is so unique - will be affected.

It is not clear how the situation is and what protests are on the table of the KennelClub and if they take all the (protest) actions serious. We are now in a so called 'interim period' and it is aimed to have the 'new' standard is implemented from June 2009 on.

I wonder also what the Chow Chow Breed Clubs in the UK are currently having in their files on actions.
On their websites nothing is found on that (so far I could see).

Here is the announcement of The Kennel Club:
Kennel Club Announces Healthy New Year Regulations for Pedigree Dogs


The Kennel Club, UK >> Chow Chow Breed Standard >> INTERIM (Breed Standard under review until June 2009)


Title: Re: Urgent  memo to all chowists worldwide
Post by chinarose on Jan 29th, 2009 at 3:33pm
Hello Peter/All,

I have been updating on Worldchow the things I know so far but to recap, from my understanding speaking to a number of Chowists in UK, is that there is an upcoming meeting of the Breed Council.  All the UK Chow clubs will be getting together to pool their resources and documentation.  All this info will then be sent in the form of a letter from the Breed council to the UK KC before the end of the interim to plead the UK chowists case

One thing that is disheartening to me is that the new standard is already in use and will be implemented at Crufts......interestingly enough....the dogs who qualified for Crufts did so using the old standard.

Now that leaves the judges in an interesting quandry.  They have been instructed by the UK KC to severely penalized any chow/dog who's conformation deviates from the standard they are currently being judged by..even disqualifying the dog.  It makes me wonder if any dogs will even show up.  Or if they do it will be to just "see what happens" for the entertainment value.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback had "ridge" removed from the name and the standard.  Do you think any of the Rhodies who quaified for Crufts are ridgeless??? Like I said it will be very interesting to hear the results.

With this new standard in place I fear it will be very hard to reverse the process.  One thing that DID happen which is fairly insignificant but a step in the right direction is that the wordage  was slightly altered when the new standard was announced...SEE HERE .

I'll update on any news.  I am an advisor on a newly formed committee at the CCCI to work on fighting any further issues like this facing our breed which unfortunately we know is inevitable.  I am hoping to convince them that as chowists around the world we need an alliance of all Chow clubs across the globe and regular communication between these clubs to accomplish anything significant.  

Our breed numbers have dramatically dropped over the years which means less breeders and club members.  Pooling our resources in my opinion is the only way to go and we need to all be on the "same page" so to speak


hugs Sandra

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